bgmManager  1.0.0
Randomized per-scene music controller for Unity.
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bgmManager Singleton

bgmManager is a simple and complete solution that offers a per-scene music controller for Unity. Each scene is capable of randomly selecting a musical track at load-time. It also allows for the music to be muted, unmuted, overwritten or have its volume modified all in a single line of code. This is all acheived using two classes, a singleton controller and a per-scene data container.


  • Randomized per-scene track selection.
  • Mute, unmute, adjust the volume, or overwrite the track entirely.
  • Automatically resumes play when unmuted.
  • Basically works right out of the box.
  • Designed to meet KISS principles.


  1. Add a bgmManager to the first scene of your game.
  2. Add a bgmTracks object to every scene of your game.
  3. Configure bgmTracks on a per-scene basis.